苹果CEO赞中国区销量 给股市打气

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本文摘要:SAN FRANCISCO — As stocks in the United States tumbled Monday morning after another sell-off in China, Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of Apple, took an unusual step to put investors at ease: He emailed Jim Cramer, the television host


SAN FRANCISCO — As stocks in the United States tumbled Monday morning after another sell-off in China, Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of Apple, took an unusual step to put investors at ease: He emailed Jim Cramer, the television host of CNBC’s “Mad Money.”旧金山——中国股市经常出现另一波挤兑行情之后,美国股票也在周一上午争相暴跌,然后苹果公司(Apple)的首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)采行了一个不同寻常的行径来让投资者放心:他向CNBC电视节目“可怕金钱”(Mad Money)的主持人吉姆·克拉默(Jim Cramer)放了一封电邮。In the email, Mr. Cook said iPhone activations had accelerated recently, and that Apple’s App Store in China had its best performance of the year in the last two weeks.库克在电邮中说道,iPhone的转录最近减缓了,过去两周里,苹果应用于商店App Store在中国也获得了全年最佳业绩。“I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August,” Mr. Cook said in the email to Mr. Cramer. “Obviously I can’t predict the future, but our performance so far this quarter is reassuring.”“我每天都能看见苹果在中国的近期业绩,今天早上当然也是如此。

我可以告诉他你,7月份和8月份,苹果在中国的业务维持了强大快速增长,”库克在电邮中告诉他克拉默。“很似乎我无法预测未来,但我们本季度迄今为止的展现出,非常让人放心。”The email seemed to ease the minds of some investors. After falling about 10 percent when the markets opened, shares of Apple recouped their losses and even entered positive territory. By the end of the day, shares were 2.5 percent lower.这封电邮或许安抚了一些投资者。在散户暴跌大约10%后,苹果的股价开始收复失地,甚至还一度由跌到转涨。

收盘时苹果跌幅为2.5%。Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research, said Apple’s stock had taken a beating largely because of growing concerns about China. A simple solution was to send signals of positive performance in China to Mr. Cramer, he said.穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)的独立国家科技分析师珍·道森(Jan Dawson)回应,苹果的股价受到冲击,主要是由于市场对中国经济形势的忧虑激化了。

把公司在中国表现出色的正面信号传拿着克拉默,是一个非常简单的解决办法,他说道。“I’m sure Cook was well aware that Cramer would share it with his viewers and it would therefore quickly become public,” Mr. Dawson said. “Apple stock has certainly risen sharply since the email was made public, so it’s arguable that it worked.”“我敢肯定,库克十分确切克拉默不会向观众共享这份邮件,因此消息迅速就不会公之于众,”道森说道。“自从该电邮公开发表之后,苹果公司的股票显然经常出现了大幅度回落,所以可以说道这个行动奏效了。

”Mr. Cramer is the co-manager of a charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts Plus, which holds shares of Apple.克拉默是公益信托投资人组Action Alerts Plus的联合管理人,人组中包括苹果股票。Mr. Cramer said in an interview that he decided to try contacting Mr. Cook after a company called Skyworks Solutions, a chip supplier for Apple, appeared on “Mad Money” last week. Skyworks had said on the show that its sales were strong in China, but its stock plummeted afterward anyway. That made Mr. Cramer curious about what Mr. Cook would have to say about iPhone sales in China. He sent the email to the Apple chief Sunday evening.克拉默在拒绝接受专访时说,他之所以要求与苹果联系,是因为上周有一家取名为Skyworks Solutions的苹果芯片供应商上了“可怕金钱”节目。

该公司在节目中回应,自己在中国的销售势头很强大,可是之后它的股价还是经常出现了大幅度下跌。克拉默开始奇怪,对于iPhone在中国的销售形势,库克不会说道些什么。于是在周日晚上,他向库克放了一封电邮。His letter read: “Dear Tim, Just trying to do my best to cover Apple, as always, and I keep running up against ‘China fears’ and ‘China worries.’ We are in a tough moment in the market, and any clarity I might be able to get before Squawk on the Street at 9 Eastern would really help.”他在信中写到:“亲爱的蒂姆,我写信给是为了尽我所能地报导苹果的情况,就像我仍然以来所做到的那样。

现在我总是遇上有人‘惧怕’、‘担忧’中国的形势。眼下我们的市场状况很糟,如果你能展开一些回应,让我在东部时间9点的‘华尔街直播室’(Squawk on the Street)里谈论一下,知道不会很有协助。”Mr. Cook, who is known for being an early riser, sent his reply around 8 a.m. on Monday — 5 a.m. in California, where he lives.库克向来起得很早以前,他在周隔天8点左右恢复了电邮——在他居住于生活的美国加州,那时还是凌晨5点。Mr. Cramer said he was surprised to get a response. In March, the Apple chief called in to Mad Money to congratulate Mr. Cramer on the 10th anniversary of the show. Beyond that, Mr. Cramer said he had not cultivated a personal relationship with Mr. Cook, though the TV host noted he had long been an advocate for holding on to the Cupertino, Calif., company’s stock.克拉默说道,接到恢复出乎意料他的意料。



“I’ve been a stalwart in saying, ‘Don’t trade Apple,’ ” he said. “I think it’s a mistake to trade it. I think you should own it.”“我仍然坚定不移地说服大家,不要变卖苹果的股票,”他说道。“我实在变卖是个错误,你应当持有人。”China has become an increasingly important market for Apple. The company’s growth has slowed over the last few years in mature markets like the United States and parts of Europe, where the smartphone market has become saturated. China, however, remains a huge untapped market where plenty of people are still buying smartphones for the first time.中国市场对于苹果的重要性与日俱增。在美国和欧洲一些国家的成熟期市场,随着智能手机市场渐趋饱和状态,苹果的增长速度在过去的几年里有所上升。

然而中国毕竟一个仍未研发的极大市场,很多人仍是第一次出售智能手机。Apple has long laid the groundwork to reap big sales in China, and revenue growth from the region has steadily gained momentum. The company in late 2013 struck an important deal to sell iPhones through China Mobile, the world’s largest phone carrier. Apple is also expanding its operations in the region, planning to increase its number of stores to 40 by mid-2016.长期以来,苹果为在中国大买奠下了基础。该地区营收的快速增长趋势仍然很平稳。

2013年底,苹果公司达成协议了一项最重要的协议,通过全世界仅次于的移动电话运营商中国移动销售iPhone。苹果也在不断扩大该地区的业务规模,计划到2016年中期,让店铺数量减少到40家。Some analysts have raised questions about whether Apple, the most valuable company in the world by market capitalization, can maintain its overall torrid pace of growth. Shares in the company are up about 45 percent in the last two years. But in the last six months, the stock has fallen over 18 percent.一些分析人士批评,作为全世界市值最低的公司,苹果快速增长的总体增长速度能否持续下去。过去两年间,苹果公司的股价下跌约45%,但在过去六个月里,该公司的股价暴跌逾18%。

Mr. Cook also wrote to Mr. Cramer that he continued to believe “that China represents an unprecedented opportunity over the long term.”库克还在信中对克拉默说道,他仍然坚信“从长年来看,中国代表着一个史无前例的机遇”。Unlike his predecessor, Steven P. Jobs, Mr. Cook has been increasingly outspoken about a number of matters, including his views on civil rights, his sexual orientation and his concern for the environment. Aside from during quarterly earnings calls and major company events, though, he has generally been tight-lipped about sales and other financial figures.不同于前任史蒂夫·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs),库克在很多事情上更加坦率,还包括他对民权问题的观点、他的性取向,以及他对环境的忧虑。但除了每季度的财报会议和公司的最重要活动外,他总体上对销售额和其他财务数据闭口不谈。

On Monday, some regulatory experts raised concerns about whether Mr. Cook’s email to Mr. Cramer had violated the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fair disclosure regulations. The rules, commonly known as Reg F.D., requires companies to share material information to all investors at the same time.周一当天,一些证券监管专家对于库克寄给克拉默的电子邮件明确提出了疑惑,因为这样做到也许违背了美国证券交易委员会(Securities and Exchange Commission,全称SEC)的公平透露规则。一般来说全称为Reg FD的涉及规定,拒绝企业同时向所有投资者共享根本性信息。In previous financial earnings calls, Apple had said it was bullish about its strong, long-term growth in China. But the S.E.C. has signaled that reaffirmation of financial guidance, in some contexts, could even lead to a full-disclosure violation, according to Thomas A. Sporkin, a partner for Buckley Sandler and a former S.E.C. enforcement official. In 2005, the commission charged the Flowserve Corporation, a manufacturer, with violating Reg F.D. for reiterating its guidance to a group of analysts before sharing the same information with the public.在之前的财报会议中,苹果曾回应对在中国构建强大的长年快速增长所持悲观态度。

但据巴克利桑德勒(Buckley Sandler)合伙人、SEC前执法人员官员托马斯·A·斯波金(Thomas A. Sporkin)讲解,SEC收到的信号指出,在某些情况下,申明企业的财务展现出,也有可能归属于全面违背了牵涉到透露的规则。2005年,SEC指控制造业企业福斯公司(Flowserve Corporation)违背了公平透露规则,因为该公司是在对一群分析人士申明自己的业绩之后,才向公众透露同一信息的。


Mr. Cook’s reaffirmation to Mr. Cramer of Apple’s performance in China was softer and more generalized than when Flowserve shared specific numbers, Mr. Sporkin said. But he added that it was unclear whether Mr. Cramer could have a different interpretation of the email based on his relationship with Mr. Cook.斯波金称之为,福斯当时透漏了明确数字,相比之下,库克向克拉默申明苹果在中国的展现出时,措辞更加保守,也更加笼统。但他接着回应,尚能不确切克拉默否不会基于他与库克的关系,而对这封邮件有有所不同的理解。Apple, CNBC and the S.E.C. declined to comment. In response to questions raised about potential violations of the S.E.C.’s disclosure rules, Mr. Cramer would only say: “I got what I got. I got an email from Tim Cook.”苹果、CNBC和SEC拒绝接受置评。在被问及违背SEC透露规则的可能性时,克拉默只是问:“我是接到了。

我接到了蒂姆·库克发去的电子邮件。”Bill Singer, a regulatory lawyer, said he expected the S.E.C. to investigate the context of the email and provide guidelines as to whether companies can disclose financial information this way to selected news reporters.监管领域的律师比尔·辛格(Bill Singer)回应,他预计SEC不会调查邮件的来龙去脉,并公布指导意见,阐释企业否能以这种方式,向特定的新闻记者透露财务信息。

“I can see here that Cook is literally dancing on the edge of a razor,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s one of the largest companies in the world telling one reporter via a private email that our ongoing quarter is actually going to surprise people, and I consider that material.”“在这件事上,我感觉库克是在刀尖上唱歌,”他说道。“说到底,一家规模在全世界数一数二的公司,通过私人电子邮件告诉他了一名记者,我们目前这一季度的业绩知道不会让人们惊讶。