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本文摘要:The U.K. has left itself vulnerable to cyberattacks and state-sponsored spying by allowing a Chinese company, Huawei Technologies Co., to become a major player in Britains telecommunications industry without adequate security checks, a par


The U.K. has left itself vulnerable to cyberattacks and state-sponsored spying by allowing a Chinese company, Huawei Technologies Co., to become a major player in Britains telecommunications industry without adequate security checks, a parliamentary committee said Thursday.英国议会一个委员会周四回应,在没展开充足安全检查的情况下,中资企业华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)就沦为英国电信业的主要供应商,这令其英国更容易受到网络攻击和政府反对间谍活动的侵扰。The report by the Intelligence and Security Committee marks the second setback in as many months for the company in Europe, a market that has become more important as it runs into political roadblocks in the U.S. and elsewhere.英国议会情报和安全性委员会(Intelligence and Security Committee)开具的这份报告标志着华为数月内在欧洲遭遇第二次挫折。在美国和世界其它地区遭政治阻力之后,欧洲市场对华为的重要性减少。In May, the European Union said it planned to investigate the company over alleged unfair trade practices.今年5月欧盟回应,它计划对华为因涉嫌不公平贸易作法的指控展开调查。

The U.K. Parliaments security watchdog said it was shocked at the governments failure to monitor Huaweis activities and called its strategy for monitoring or reacting to cyberattacks feeble at best.英国议会的这一安全性委员会说道,它对政府没能监控华为的种种活动深感“愤慨”,相提并论政府的监控策略或对网络攻击的反应“充其量不能却是软弱无力的”。It noted that a system set up in 2010 in the U.K. to monitor Huaweis activities is funded and run by the company itself─something it said should be changed. A self-policing arrangement is highly unlikely either to provide, or to be seen to be providing, the required levels of security assurance, the report said.该委员会认为,2010年在英国成立的一个监控华为各项活动的系统是由华为出资和运营的。该委员会指出这种情况应当转变。

报告说道,这种自我监管的决定近于不有可能获取所须要级别的安全性确保,或是在外界显然不有可能获取这样的确保。The committee of lawmakers is charged with scrutinizing the U.K.s security service, secret intelligence service and government communications headquarters.该委员会的英国议员负责管理审查英国的安全性服务、秘密情报机构和政府通信总部。Most of the concern about Huawei─the worlds second-largest telecom-equipment vendor by revenue after AB L.M. Ericsson ERIC-B.SK -1.97% of Sweden─surrounds its perceived links to the Chinese government, it said.报告说道,对华为的大多数担忧与外界指出其与中国政府不存在关联有关。

按收益计算出来,华为是全球第二大电信设备供应商,分列在瑞典的爱立信(AB L.M. Ericsson)之后。The report said China is suspected of being one of the main perpetrators of state-sponsored cyberattacks in the U.K. It didnt cite specifics, but the committees 2010-2011 annual report─parts of which were redacted─said the targets of suspected attacks were in government as well as industry.报告称之为,外界猜测中国是再次发生在英国的多起不受政府反对网络攻击的发起者之一。报告没概述具体情况。

但该委员会2010-2011年度报告(报告部分内容经过修改)说道,怀疑反击的对象既有政府,也牵涉到行业。In this context, the alleged links between Huawei and the Chinese State are concerning, as they generate suspicion as to whether Huaweis intentions are strictly commercial or are more political, the report said.报告说道,在这种情况下,华为和中国政府因涉嫌不存在联系令人担忧。因为这令人产生猜测,即华为的意图是纯粹出于商业考虑到还是极具政治内涵。

In the U.S., Huawei has essentially been blocked from selling gear to major operators because of similar concerns. A congressional intelligence committee report concluded its presence posed a national-security threat.在美国,出于类似于担忧,华为基本上遭堵住,无法向主要运营商出售设备。美国国会一个情报委员会开具的报告得出结论说道,华为的不存在对美国国家安全性构成威胁。Last year, the Australian government prevented Huawei from working on the rollout of the countrys high-speed broadband network.去年,澳大利亚政府制止华为参予该国发售的高速宽带网络建设。Huawei, which was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a former officer of the Peoples Liberation Army, describes itself as a private, employee-owned company and denies direct links to the Chinese government or military. It operates in more than 140 countries and employs more than 150,000 people.华为1987年由曾在中国军队服役的任正非创办。



But the U.K. report─parts of which were also redacted─said there was a lack of clarity about its financial structures.但英国议会该委员会开具的这份报告(报告部分内容也经过修改)说道,华为的财务结构不明晰。Moreover, Huaweis denial of links to the Chinese State is surprising, given that such links to the State are considered normal in China, it said.此外,报告说道,华为坚称自己同中国政府不存在联系令人吃惊,因为企业和政府之间不存在这种联系的现象在中国十分广泛。We are not convinced that there has been any improvement since then in terms of an effective procedure for considering foreign investment in the critical national infrastructure, the report said. It added that the difficulty of balancing economic competitiveness and national security had resulted in a stalemate.报告说道:我们毫无疑问在此之后,在制订有效地程序审查国家最重要基础设施的外国投资方面有任何提高。报告补足说道,在经济竞争力与国家安全性之间找寻均衡的艰难造成了僵局的经常出现。

In response, the government said that there are security risks inherent to any sophisticated telecommunications network and system, but insisted that the vetting process had been improved and updated since 2005.作为对此,英国政府说道,任何简单的电信网络和系统都不可避免不存在安全性风险,但政府坚决说道,审查程序自2005年以来早已被改良和升级。We now have governance structures and working practices in place which address these risks, including supply chain threats to the telecommunications infrastructure specifically, and escalation of decision-making processes as necessary. a spokesman for the government said.英国政府的一名发言人说道:我们现在有适当的管理结构和明确的工作方式来应付这些风险,还包括电信基础设施特有的供应链威胁;我们的决策程序也展开了适当的升级。Huawei issued a statement saying it was willing to work with all governments in a completely open and transparent manner to reduce risks to cybersecurity.华为公布了一份声明,称之为不愿以几乎公开发表半透明的方式与各国政府合作,以增大网络安全风险。

We have always committed to creating value for the economy, working closely with the U.K. government and our meet their requirements, it said.华为在声明中说道:我们仍然允诺为经济建构价值,与英国政府及我们的客户密切合作……符合他们的市场需求。The committee also raised concerns about Huawei-run Cybersecurity Evaluation Centre─a testing system established in the U.K. in 2010 to monitor any risk Huawei poses to security, known as the Cell.委员会还传达了对华为运营的网络安全评估中心(Cybersecurity Evaluation Centre)的忧虑。这个测试系统于2010年在英国创建,目的监测华为对安全性包含的风险,也被称作Cell。

It strongly recommended that the staff in the Cell be replaced by government security staff. It also called for the countrys top security adviser, Sir Kim Darroch, to conduct an urgent review to determine why it is operating at a reduced capacity in terms of staff and remit, and whether it will be able to provide the level of security assurance required.报告强烈建议用政府的安全性人员替换Cell的工作人员。报告还敦促英国最低安全性顾问达罗克(Kim Darroch)展开一次应急评估,以确认为何Cell的工作人员和职能都在增加,以及它否需要获取所需的安全性确保级别。Huawei responded by calling the Cell one of the most advanced in the cybersecurity field globally.华为对此说道,Cell是全球网络安全领域最先进设备的系统之一。

One of its biggest British customers, BT, said it tests third party equipment both before and after deployment to ensure there are no vulnerabilities, and that no risks had been found.华为在英国仅次于的客户之一英国电信公司(BT Group PLC)说道,为了保证不不存在缺失,该公司在部署第三方设备前后都会对其展开测试,并回应没找到风险。Our testing regime enables us to enjoy constructive relationships with many suppliers across the globe, it said. One of these is Huawei with whom we have had a long and constructive relationship since 2005.英国电信公司说道:我们的测试系统使我们以求与全球许多供应商维持建设性的关系,还包括华为。


我们与华为自从2005年以来仍然维持着长年的、建设性的关系。Other European countries have expressed concerns but generally dont have outright bans. In France for instance, telecommunications executives say that the government generally discourages them from buying Chinese equipment for the core of their networks, but not for cellphone base stations and radio equipment.其他欧洲国家曾多次传达过忧虑,但是基本上没收到具体的禁令。比如,法国电信行业的一些低管说道,政府基本上不希望他们出售中国设备用作网络的核心部分,但是不还包括手机基站和无线电设备。Huawei and its Chinese competitor ZTE Corp 000063.SZ -1.26% . accounted for 23% of wireless-network spending in 2012 in Europe, Middle East and Africa, up from just 6.8% in 2007, according to the market-research firm Infonetics.根据市场研究公司Infonetics的数据,欧洲、中东和非洲2012年的无线网络开支中,华为和中国竞争对手中兴(ZTE Corp.)占到了23%,相比之下,2007年的这一比例仅有为6.8%。

The EU is investigating whether the Chinese government is providing unfair subsidies to Huawei and ZTE, which could have allowed the companies to sell into the European market at unfair prices.欧盟正在调查中国政府否向华为和中兴获取不不顾一切的补贴。这些补贴需要使这两家公司以不合理的价格在欧洲市场销售产品。

Huawei and ZTE have denied any dumping practices or receiving illegal state subsidies.华为和中兴坚称有任何低价不道德,也坚称取得过不不顾一切的政府补贴。Huawei had held up its cooperation with the British government as a model. Last year Huawei said it would invest 1.3 billion ($2 billion) in the U.K. and add 500 jobs to its workforce in the country.华为曾多次将其与英国政府的合作竖立为典范。华为去年回应,将向英国投资13亿英镑(约合20亿美元),并在英国追加500个工作岗位。It also counts John Suffolk, former chief information officer for the U.K. government as its global cybersecurity officer. In a report written last fall, Mr. Suffolk called for increased regulation and greater cooperation between Huawei and governments of concerned countries.华为还聘用了英国政府的前首席信息官员萨福克(John Suffolk)兼任全球网络安全主管。